The Rhythm Tree - Music Therapy DVD


This Dr. Toy Top 10 award-winning product is perfect for parents, educators and therapists, especially if you have some rhythm sticks, tambourines and shakers lying around. 

If you don't already have these instruments, please check out my complete Rhythm Tree Music Kit that includes these kid-friendly instruments - Just search on Amazon for Rhythm Tree DVD Kit. 

Develop critical skills in a fun and playful way (no musical abilities required). 

It will add music and success to any autism therapy or special needs program. 

Developed by a music therapist with more than 14 years of experience with special needs, this kit makes it easy to use music to bond with a child and help them learn new social and developmental skills. 

This special needs program is also great for creating fun family time, improving a child's self esteem, and giving a child a way to express themselves, even if they are non-verbal. 

Helps children develop better social, speech/communication, motor, and academic skills in a fun and motivating way! 

Also helps with autism sensory needs through the music and activities. 

Chris loves this DVD, every day we have our hour long music time. It has a great balance of large motor skills and fine motor skills. Every other song gets the child up and moving. The tone of the music and the voice of the man leading the music is very stable, So no loud or quiet sections. His voice is calm but engaging, encouraging your child to play and sing along. If you don't have your own instruments don't worry there is a bonus section that shows you how to make your own. After Chris had his music time he is clam and happy. So bring a music therapist into your home and have music circle time each day.


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