What is going on with Kaite

About two years ago I got tired of people thinking I was pregnant. My baby was almost a year old and I looked like I was 6 months pregnant. I wanted to drop the weight. Well I got pregnant a few months later and put all that on hold. Now my baby is 6 months and I have three boys. I need the energy to keep up with them. Ok sure I have gained 35 lbs after having all three kids. And while I still my be smaller then other I still don't like where I am. So I was 165 a month ago...

I was also told to take some before and after pictures. Ok I am not fat let me just say that I am just a little fluffy. I do want to lose 30 lbs and tighten and ton up. So with great not happiness here is my before and I will post more pictures next month to see if anything has changed.

I am working out every day, both cardio and weight lifting. I am also eating better and eating less crap. So far in the last month I have lost 3 lbs.... almost


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