You are Amazingly Beautiful thanks to Trusted Health Products

I feel really bad about this review. Not because I did not like the product I do like it. But I got it in a few days before I left to go to Disneyland and now I can't find it! We where packing and I said don't forget you put it here, I left, came back and I can't of where I put it. So let me tell you what I thought of if while using it. This is Amazingly Beautiful and it is a line of oil base moisturizer and revitalize. The set is worth $50 and it will do wonders on your skin. 

When I first got the box in, I was kinda stupid.... it had my name on... Amazingly Beautiful Katie. And I was like.... awww that's cute and funny that they have a line that just happens to have my name on it. Well the thing is it was for me, and it will be for you too. They want you to know that you (Megan, Laura, Sarah etc) are Amazingly Beautiful!

OK let us get into the good stuff. Remember I said it is an oil base right. So the A.M. moisturizer is like like lotion its oil. Made from 100% pure and natural botanical ingredients, such as: Lemon, orange, almond, avocado and olive oils. All great products for your skin. When I put mine on first thing in the morning a few hours later, my face was still really soft. Man I really need to find where I put this. I miss how well my face feels after using it. It is like a babies butt!

All you do it take 2-3 drops once or twice a day depending on how your skin feels, and gently rub it around your face. That is not to hard. Same goes for the P.M.

This makes a great gift this time of year Christmas is next month. This is be a great way to let someone know that they are Amazingly Beautiful


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