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I became a mom back in November 2010! Wow what a crazy scary time. He is about to turn 5, and to think we added 2 more boys to that. I remember being lost and overwhelmed with so much. I was tired all the time. My husband was scared to really do anything with Aiden. Not that he did not love him but more he was unsure what to do with a small baby. We needed a Formula for Happiness.

Our Formula for Happiness 

We learned to spend time together and apart. Meaning we did a lot of things as a family but I also had to learn to do things without each other. Holidays are a big thing for us so we make sure to do fun things as a family like going on a hay ride and put up the Christmas tree. But I will never forget the first time I had to go out without Aiden. Ryan was texting me every few minutes not sure what he was doing. When I came home, this is what I saw.
He was so proud that he put Aiden down. From that day on He felt like he could do it. After that I was able to leave the house and shower without worrying about Ryan (not Aiden). We found that our happiness is time together. Ryan learned that his happiness was having his babies fall asleep on him. I love my family it is really what makes me happy. We are weird and crazy and plan old nutty!


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