Amber Necklace Giveaway

I'm sure by now you have seen or heard of amber necklaces for teething. But did you know they are good for more then just teething? I wear an amber necklace to help with my headaches. I have battled chronic migraines for years. Finally it hit me, I use amber to help my son with his teething pain why not use it for myself. Amber is a natural analgesic that can help with pain and inflammation. How does this work? Succinic acid is released from the amber when warmed up by your body. Amber is said to help with joint pain and strengthening the body's immune system.

Baltic Essentials offers many choices of amber necklaces. Both for mom baby! Anklets too! Check out their amazon store for all the color and style choices. Or and use the coupon code: 25Percent for 25% off

 The necklaces are high quality certified amber. With a twist on closure and a knot between each bead for safety.

Now for the fun part? Do you like matching baby? Mommy baby outfit are always cute, what better way to top off those outfits then with matching amber!

Have a son and want a girly flower necklace for yourself but want your son to coordinates with you. You can get unisex necklaces that match the cute flower style. 

Enter bellow for a chance to win a amber necklace for your child. 

Special thanks to Baltic Essentials for providing Christopher and I our amber necklaces. 


Mary Gallardo said…
I have been wanting to get an Amber necklace for my daughter. Her name is Amber!
D Johnson said…
These necklaces are so lovely.
Brenda Guardado said…
I like the mix of colors it is a perfect statement piece.

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