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As the holidays are getting closer your kids may be getting excited about Christmas. What better way to channel that excitement then to use that excitement to encourage reading. Pelican publishing offers a large selection of high quality children's holiday books. Not only do they have Christmas books they also have a selection of Hanukkah books.

The book I was most excited for was "Cop's Night Before Christmas" my father, Chris' grandfather is a police officer so it spoke to my heart. He always has worked Christmas eve and usually Christmas day. This book has colorful illustrations that show and tell the story of the things a cop does the night before Christmas. I can't wait to have Chris' grandpa get to read him this book. I hope we can make it a new family tradition.

If your child loves pirates, they will love the book "The Great Pirate Christmas Battle" With each turn of the page they can meet Cap'n McNasty and his crew. They can see the pirates steal Christmas but they won't get away with it for long! Join Santa and his crew as they battle the pirates and take back Christmas. Keep reading along to find out the surprise at the end of the book.

Are Dinosaurs more your kids style? Check out " Dinosaur's Night Before Christmas" and supersize them under the tree with another great dinosaur book  "You may just be a Dinosaur" The full color illustrations take you on a journey where Christmas eve and dinosaurs meet! See if your child can guess what they will do next.

The part that I love about "You May Just be a Dinosaur" are the dinosaur facts inside the book. So your child can enjoy the story and learn more about dinosaurs in a fun way.

Does your family celebrate Hanukkah? Do you want your child to learn more about how others celebrate? Join Toby Belfer as she makes latkas with her grandmother for a special dinner with friends. He father teachers her friends what a menorah is and the story behind its meaning. Join Toby as she says her prayers in Hebrew and English. Learn along side Toby's friends as they learn how to play with a Dreidel and win gelt. The rest of the night they sing Hanukkah songs and tell stories of Jerusalem. This beautiful book includes Grandmothers recipe for Latkas and the Rules for how to play Dreidel. It even teaches you how to build your own big Menorah. 

No matter what your families faith is or how you choose to celebrate the holidays Pelican Publishing has a great selection of high quality affordable books. 

Which book will be your new family tradition?  

Shop all of the books HERE.

Many of the books are also available on Amazon.


Edward said…
My Grand Son loves hearing and reading stories for the holidays, we read them just before bedtime, I love Christmas stories the best but he really likes the stories from Dr. Seuss.
Meagan Bailiff said…
I love holiday books that teach my daughter about different holidays that people celebrate.

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