iPhone 6 Battery Case

I love my iPhone, but I hate how quick the battery dies. I have used portable battery chargers but hate that I have an extra thing to hold onto and a cord in the way. Not to mention that you have to remember to bring it along, and it takes up extra room in your bag. The solution to this problem is the Fovii iPhone Batter Case. This cool case is your back up batter! No forgetting it at home, nothing extra to hold on to , no cords. The unit is charged by a micro usb cord and your phone is securely held inside. When you need power it is a simple push of a button. The unit lights up so you can see how much power it has left. This allows you to know when you need to charge your back up! Never be stuck with a dead phone or low batter again.

Check out the video bellow on how simple the case is to use.

Pick up yourself a case on Amazon.


Edward said…
This is a cool case, I could definitely use this, the case I have for my phone is kinda flimsy.

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