MyMedela new app for moms

We all love apps. They have helped make out lift a little less crazy at times. There are apps that help to remind us to take ours medication or to track that time of the month. Now MyMedela has a great app for new moms. This app is free and is now available to both android and iphone users.

 So what is MyMedela and how can it help you?

 Unique Features for Moms:
·         Offers an exclusive confidence assessment to understand mom’s strengths and focus on her breastfeeding goals to then deliver customized feedback and support based on mom’s answers and other data entries.
·         Provides a problem solver tool for quick answers to common breastfeeding questions, featuring tips from expert healthcare professionals.
·         Sends tailored articles and videos within the app, based on where each mom is on her breastfeeding journey.

Tools for Tracking Growth and Progress:
·         Track breastfeeding and pumping routines (e.g., time spent, volume and frequency).
·         Record information about baby’s growth and daily activities, such as height, weight, sleep and diapers.
·         See snapshots of mom and baby’s activities on easy-to-read dashboards.
·         Receive personalized reminders, alerts and notifications that celebrate accomplishments and help moms manage breastfeeding challenges and goals.

Medela offers a full continuum of support to help moms during their breastfeeding journeys, including guidance, expert advice, award-winning breastfeeding products, and content such as Medela’s new infographic: Top Three Breastfeeding Success Tips.


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