Being pregnant is definitely one of the most beautiful times of every woman’s life. And in fact, this is the time then you can start shopping for all the stuff you were dreaming for a long time! Especially all those cute maternity dresses and other clothing that will embrace your pregnant glow even more. But there are some do’s and some little don’ts you should remember while shopping. It will let you feel amazing and beautiful and make that mystical glow be glowing even more! Enjoy!

One of the mistakes many pregnant women tend to do is to avoid maternity clothing. There is that weird common misconception that you can continue to wear regular clothes during pregnancy. All you need to do is to just size-up as the bump grows. But that is just not right!  Maternity clothes are cut proportionately for the growing bump and that will let you embrace all the right features perfectly.
Another important don’t is not to experiment with new styles while being pregnant. It is the time then you should stay who you are and not chance yourself at all! So if you are boho type of girl, or little bit punk like, don’t chance your style just because you are pregnant! Stay yourself! If you wouldn’t have worn it before, don’t try it now!
Also – don’t overspend on maternity clothing, since you are going to wear it just for a few months in your life. It can turn out to be quite expensive. But if you look for some other alternative ways how to purchase it much cheaper, you can stay away from overspending for sure. One of these ways is second-hand shopping. Another – various coupons. For instance, you can shop at Target with it and get amazing discounts of maternity apparel. So just get these Target coupons from now and start shopping!

Now – let’s talk about things you should do. And one of these things that you should is to embrace your baby bump! It is the right and exact time then you can show the world that you are loved and you are expecting the little miracle in your life soon. So don’t be afraid of little slimmer silhouettes or tighter looks. It actually will help you to create a slimmer look too! Just embrace that magical period of your life more with clothing that embraces your belly perfectly too!
It is definitely worth to try prints and horizontal stripes, so you can also look stunning too! Various prints can actually distract away from parts of your body you want to keep away from attention. Also, stripes are actually slimming in this situation of yours! So forget about those rules that horizontal stripes don’t work for women at all and bravely pull that right now then you are carrying your baby!

Finally, always consider wearing embellished necklines.  All these embellished necklines draw attention up to the face and that is the best thing ever! Especially when you don’t feel like flaunting the bump! You can create that neckline by yourself too! Simply pull a big necklace or scarf and you will definitely attract some attention to your face!


Fiddlin' Dandi said…
These are some really helpful tips to keep in mind.

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