Teethy Fruits baby teethers

My son is now 8 months and has 2 teeth on the bottom and 4 on the top! Needless to say he is been cranky on and off. We have found that he love to chew on things. Ok that might sound like a duh but my other too like to suck on wet wash cloths and not have teethers. So Noah is a little different then them. We got him a grape teether for a store and its great, we got it for $8 or $9. But I found a company that sells it in a two pack for $10! Bank I wanted that. This way if he loses one.... which I know he will do I have the other one still.

Baby Grips Products makes this really cute grape teether. It is BPA free, P waVC and Phthalates free (not like I know what that is). It is made with silicone material so it bends without breaking. This also makes it great for putting into the freezer. 

Noah loves it. He can pick it up with no problems and hold it too. I like that it makes him a little less craby. So if you have a baby that is teething you might want to look into getting them his cute Teethy Fruits baby teethers.


Edward said…
We went through plenty of teethers with our little one, this one would have been great to have.

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