Color-Changing Nail Polish by Del Sol #delsolnailpolish

If you have not entered to win this yet you should. Del Sol giveaway and $5 starbuck gift card. Ok now then its time to tell you what it is and if I like it or not. Well it is color changing nail polish, yes I am in love with it! I got two well it feels more like four colors. I picked out Glitz & Glam, which is a blue glitter that turns into a brownis purple and Hottie! that start pink and turns purple.

You have to watch the video I made, you can see the color change right in front of you.

As you can see here this is the Glitz and Glam one. It starts off blue and then in the sun it turns pink. I have to say that I love this. How would your little girl (or little girl in heart) like to win one. Or even buy one its only $10! Make sure you head over and enter to win again. Del Sol giveaway and $5 starbuck gift card.


Heidi Robbins said…
Color changing nail polish sounds so fun! I know my daughter would love some for Christmas!
D Johnson said…
I love these colors. They are so pretty!
CindyWindy2003 said…
I have several del sol nail polishes, love them for the colors, changing colors, and the quality.

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