Easy Magnetic Closure Toddler Shoes

Gold Pigeon Shoes

Does your toddler want to do everything on their own? Do they struggle with their shoes? These shoes by Gold Pigeon have an easy open magnetic closure. So your independent toddler can put their shoes on all by themselves. 
These shoes are available on Amazon in different colors and styles. Even in adult versions too!

Not only are these shoes easy for your toddler to get on they are comfortable for them to wear. There are three different spots you can adjust the shoes to the the perfect fit. 

Velcro at the toe strap can be adjusted.

The strap with the magnet also has a velcro adjust.

The heel strap can be adjusted as well.

Or if your child does not want a heel strap it can be taken off and worn as a slip on.

The pattern details are 3D so your child not only has a cute style they are unique.

The bottom of the shoe has lots of grip. Anti slip, non skid great for both wet and dry play. They have a cushioned, shock absorbing mid-sole making them comfortable to wear all day long. They also have slight upward curve at the toe to promote and help walking. 

The cute pattern is all over the shoes, With 3D boats, cars and airplanes. 

The shoes are the perfect balance between a standard and wide fit. Great for growing toddler feet. 

These shoes are waterproof and easy to clean. You can wash them in the washer on cold in a laundry bag if you need a heavy cleaning. Or just a quick quick wipe down with a wet cloth for small messes.

I have been very pleased with the quality of these shoes, I feel like they are going to stand up to Chris' rough playing and he will out grow them long before they wear out.


Meagan Bailiff said…
These are such cute kids sandals! I always had a hard time finding good sandals when my daughter was younger.
kathy Peterson said…
Wow...how great are these. So easy to put on the feet, no more fighting to buckle them. I need a pair these for my granddaughter.
Trish said…
Oh my goodness these are adorable! I wish my son was young enough to wear them, I love how easy they are to put on because I always struggled getting some sandals on my sons feet.
Yor Trezure said…
My son would love a pair of these! He likes sandals, designs/pictures and is fascinated with different forms of closing/locking/securing things.

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