Lingettes Bamboo Washcloths

Lingettes Bamboo Baby Washcloths (6-pack) By Beau & Belle Littles.

These washcloths are made of organic bamboo and come in a 6 pack. They come with two of each color, white, yellow and green. The colors are soft and gender neutral so they make a great baby shower gift.

Bamboo is great because it is super soft, so it it gentle on babies skin.(They are great for mom and dad too) Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic. 

Please note that they do shrink after the first wash. As you can see the yellow on the bottom is lager, it is an unwashed cloth. The green on top has been washed once. It is about half an inch smaller. 

But can you see how fluffy it got? It is about twice as thick as the unwashed yellow. 

They are sold as a 10 x 10 cloth but after washing they are more like 9.5 x 9.5. Not a big deal you just may notice a small size difference if you compare it a new cloth.

Washing them is simple, just a trip in your washing machine on warm. Just don't use bleach, it is too harsh on bamboo fibers and can slowly eat holes in the fabric. But don't forget bamboo is naturally antibacterial so you don't need bleach anyway. Tumble dry on low. I just tossed mine in a load of Chris' clothes and they came out so soft. 

Beau & Belle offers a one year unlimited warranty- 
they want you to be happy and with these cloths you will be.

Pick up a set on Amazon for yourself or a friend. 


Molli Reisman said…
this look sweet and soft!!! would lvoe them!
Hannah Knapp said…
I've heard of bamboo material, but have never tried it. These look very nice and good quality too!

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