Little Sprouts pacifier clip

My little Noah who is almost 9 months now and loves to put everything in his mouth. He also loves to play the drop it pick it up game. So I got something that is great for both things. It is this really cute pacifier clip that I don't use for pacifiers. Ok first I need to stop back and do a BIG shout out to the company. Awhile back they gave me a call and started to apologize. I was confused at fist, I was not sure who they where or why they where saying sorry. Turns out that their older model broke on one of the moms and they wanted to fix it and say sorry. So they called me (same name) but got the wrong mom. I was surprised that they would even call. Only great companies go out of their way to make the customer happy! So thank you Little Sprouts for keeping an eye out for the safety of the kids.

Now then with that being said I use this as our toy holder, and a plan old chew toy for Noah.

They toys on there are nice and soft for him to chew on, and because it is a pacifier clip we have been able to put toys on it. This helps with the drop it pick it up game. He drops his toy it only goes so far and he can pick it up because it is hooked onto him. 
Unlike other pacifier clip this one has no metal clip, so there is no worry about rusting. Plus the clip that it does have, it is made in a way that he has not been able to clip is fingers on it.

For the most part he just uses it has a chew toy. Which is fine. The toys on it are soft and great for teething babies. This is one of the big reasons why I love this. As your baby grown away from their pacifier they can still use this pacifier clip with their toys! 


Amy Orvin said…
How cute! This would help so much.
Just discovered your blog. How fun it is and so colorful. Your baby is so cute.
Mariah Chezem said…
Love how they look out for their customers. These things are so cute. My son never took a paci but will keep them in mind for baby 2!

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