Little SqueezeMe Reusable Food Pouches

We love food pouches in our house. It is a simple and fun way for babies and kids to feed themselves. It is also great if you make your own baby food. You can just fill it up and take it to go. By far this is one of my favorite and there are a few reasons why. First I like that it is BPA free, PVC free Lead free, and phthalate free.

It can also hold up to 6 oz of baby food. But the best part is, you can fill it from the top. I have had other pouches that you have to hold upside down to fill it up. This way you can have set it down and fill it up, makes for less mess.

There is a part at the bottom where you can write the date of when you made and filled the pouch. This way you know that your baby food stays fresh. Oh and you can freeze the pouches. This keep the food longer.

Noah is 8 months and loves this. It is a way for him to feed himself. However keep in mind they might squeeze it to hard and get some food out, but that is what you get with babies.

Over all I love them! Oh and here is the link to buy them: Little SqueezeMe


Momma Darby said…
What a great idea! I think i'll have to pick some up for my little guy, I have a hard time trusting the ones in the stores already made after seeing people post pictures of them finding mold in them, YUCK!
Barrie Mac said…
Fist off, may I say what a cutie pie!! Ok, so I keep hearing of this product but due to your review and photos, I get it! It's also good for snacks for teens...applesauce, yogurt...the list is endless!
Denise Low said…
Thank you for the review. Sounds great. I like that you can refill them.
momo said…
(Little SqueezeMe Reusable Food Pouches) My daughter-in-law uses these for my grandson when they are driving somewhere in the car, less mess-
D Johnson said…
These really come in handy. I really like that they are reusable.

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