No More Tummy Troubles

Good heath starts with what you put in your body. But what if your body is not working its best to process those things? If your stomach is not in its best health it can not take all those great things you gave it and put them to work. So what is the best way to solve tummy troubles and help your body work best. Probiotics! Kids are notorious picky eaters, we all know that. So why not make sure that they have the best chance to be healthy.
A probiotic is live bacteria living in yeast. These good bacteria are great for gut health. Not only do these bacteria help aid in digestion of foods they fight the bad bacteria in your body helping you have a better immune system. Learn more about how probiotics work HERE.

 Getting your child to take a probiotic is easy with Earth Pearl World's Best Children's Probiotic. A tiny pill that is easy to swallow is packed full of everything you need and nothing you don't. The pill is smaller then a pea meaning even a 3 year old can swallow it with ease. It is orangesicle flavored so your child will enjoy the flavor when they put the pill in their mouth. With just one sip of their favorite drink their body is on the way to great health. Earth Pearl has patent on how their product is made to make sure the good bacteria survive tough stomach acids. They are made with NO sugar or fructose- making them allergy friendly.  They believe so strongly in the product they make they offer a 365 day guarantee! If you take one pill or all 60 and do not feel your child is feeling better and healthier they will give you your money back. So there is NO RISK! Chris has used a probiotic for a year now, so I did not expect to notice a big difference when we gave these a try. The first thing I noticed, was there was no longer a fight to take the pill. Once a day was all he needed. His trips to the bathroom are more regular and he has not complained of a tummy ache at all. The bottle is easy to read and with the flip top cap it is easy to open. I loved that the 60 day supply costs less then what I pay for a 30 day supply now.

Look at how small that pill is! 

Pick up a bottle for your kids.

But don't forget to get a bottle of their adult probiotic for yourself.

Special thanks for the sample I was provided for this review.


Jay said…
It's true...what you put in your body is going to affect how you feel!

Molli Reisman said…
thank you for the reminder... i have had good luck with probiotics

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