Personalized Family Tree Handprint Frame giveaway

So I had to give my husband a early Christmas present, only because if he read my blog post he would know what he is getting. I love making gifts that are personal, and my boys love to help. So this was one they could really get their hands on. FamilyHandprint Frame from the Grandparent Gift Company is so stinken cute. 

You can have it say anything you would like. But because I wanted to give this to my husband from my kids, I left the saying. Just added the three kids names.  However you can have it say anything. Here are a few that they suggested:

Our Family Tree
Our Grandkids
Papa Helps us Grow
Love (name children 3-4 names best for sizing)
We Love you Daddy
The Best Dad Ever
Grandpa is our Hero

Each one comes with the frame, the picture and stamp ink for the hands. The stamps was the only thing that I did not like about. Not because it did not wash off their skin because it did, not because it was hard to use because it was not (it was really easy).  But because it did not go on as dark as I had hoped, but it still turned out really cute. 

This is Logan with his dark blue hand.

Then all three of my boys

Ryan loved the gift and now it hangs in our house for all to see.

Aiden loved showing him how hands where whose. This is a great keep sake for over the years. My son's hands will never be this small again. 

This would make great gift for anyone in the family. And now you would win one!


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