Postpartum belly warp by Mamaway, best I have ever tired!

All of us want to get back to that pre baby body, well at least I know I want to. While I am now 8 months post baby I have been working my butt off in the gym and starting to get somewhere. I have tired post-pregnancy belly bands before and I have hated them all. I hate them because unless you are standing up the whole time you have them on, they bend and crease. This makes it really hard to war the next time because the crease digs into you. So when I was asked to try Mamaway Postpartum Belly Band I was a little worried it would be like the others.
OH boy was I wrong! When I first felt it.... I could bend it and twist it without it bunching and creasing. It is made with 12% Polyester, 48% Nylon, 20% Bamboo Charcoal, 20% Rubber this allows it to be able to move better.

As you can see from this picture it is large enough to cover the to fat to the hip fat.

I can also wear it under my cloths better then any others I ever had. Make sure you watch my video to see more on how it works. Oh and it is also great for c-section mamas. If you are having a baby soon or know someone who is, I would tell you to look into this one first before any of the other "big name" guys.


Sandra Watts said…
I could use one of those and I am not even pregnant. :)

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