Shock Shutter

Child safety is so important. There are lots of choices in how you can protect your outlets, but the questions is which one. Plastic caps that plug in can get lost and let's be honest for a second, my two and half year out can get them out better then I can. But what about those cool covers that slide or twist. Wrong- kids can figure those out too! Shock Shutter is a new style outlet cover that is built in protection that is truly child proof!

Bellow is a quick video on the shock shutter. It looks like a standard outlet cover but is so much more.

The cover is installed like a standard outlet cover. Just follow the four easy steps. (Make sure you do not put anything into the outlet cover before you install it because it will come apart)

Take off the your outlet cover.

Replace with the Shock Shutter- See the black part on the back? that is where the magic is.

You are done. It looks just like any other outlet cover but is child proof. 

You have two style and two color choices so you can find one that fits your style best.

On the left is the Shock Shutter and the right is a standard cover. As you can see the Shock Shutter is a bit thicker. 

How does it work- the black parts move out of the way of an plug when it is pushed in. But it stops anything else from being pushed in. Both sides have to be pushed at the same time with firm pressure.

Eeek! Don't tell my mom but I tried to put a screw driver in my outlet! No I am not crazy, just showing that even pushing very hard that screw driver was not going in!

Next a plug. This is where I thought I messed up or I got a defective unit. I went to put my plug in and it stopped. I realized I was not pushing hard enough. It does require you push with a bit of force. At first I thought this was a flaw with the unit but the more I though about it, it's a good thing. Why is it a good thing? Because this keeps kids from being able to plug in cords as well. The force required is more then I normally need to plug in a cord but not bad, just more then I expected. 

I want to replace all the outlets in my house with the Shock Shutter.

This is what I have now, one of those side over and plug in style.

I bet you are thinking to yourself, "why do you need to replace your covers when you have childproof ones already?"  The easy answer is, the ones I have don't work to keep Chris out of the outlets. 

Here is the problem, all you have to do is slide over and you can get stuff in the outlet. This is not good when you have a toddler that loves to explore everything. You can shock yourself with this style cover. Unlike the shock shutter that are tamper resistant. 

Watch the video bellow on why I feel the Shock Shutter is a much better and safer choice in childproof outlet covers.

 Another great thing about the Shock Shutter is that is is more affordable then other childproof outlet covers. I paid $4 a cover for my slide over style cover that don't work. Shock Shutters can be pre-ordered right now for $2.50! That means you can replace more covers for less money! 

Special thanks to Shock Shutter for sending me a sample outlet cover to review!


Amy Orvin said…
I need a few of these in my home.
Momma Darby said…
love this idea! better looking then the ugly covers that go on the outside!
Cali Willette said…
This is great info and I need to change some sockets.

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