Sick Sick Sick and now Sick

With all the scare a while back from Disneyland, I was really worried about us getting sick while we where there. My son will be 5 in 2 weeks and he has all of this shots. We got them spaced out over time but we got them. But that still does not stop people from getting sick. We where in Disneyland for 4 days, around a ton of people. Some even from out of country! So yes my son did end up getting sick. Nothing bad lucky but a runny nose and a small cough. It took him almost 4 days to start getting better. Then the sick bug hit again, this time in my 2 year old with a fever of 102! But the fever broke after the first day. We made sure both of the boys where getting good sleep and lot of water.

Well after about a week both boys where over it. Then that nasty bug hit my 8 month old! Now mama is pissed! Can't I get a break?! No fever for the baby but a really runny nose. But then I saw he started drooling a lot over the last day or two so maybe he just has some teeth coming in. Anyhow he is doing better now, a little runny nose at times but over all good.

But wait there is more..... Yep my turn now. I woke up yesterday with a sore throat and today I am all stuffed up! Sigh well looks like bed rest for me..... oh wait I forgot I am a mom of three boys, there will be no extra bed rest for me. So lots of sofa time and water. At least it is a good time to get lots of blog stuff going.

Hope you all had a better 2 weeks!


Cheryl A said…
I hope you feel better soon. My son and I just got over being sick. I guess it's just that time of the year.
I don't know how you manage taking care of three kids while you are sick. One is hard enough for me.
Meagan Bailiff said…
Oh no! It's bad enough when everyone is sick at the same time, but for it to jump from one person to the next is almost worst! Feel better soon!
Anonymous said…
Feel better soon! We had a virus hit our family last week & all four of us were sick at the same time! I never got any bed rest, but some extra sofa time. What sucks about extra sofa time is there's twice the cleanup once I feel better. Moms can't win, huh.
Momma Darby said…
Hope you feel better! I just recently got over a head cold :(

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