Snug Baby Monitor for Smartphones #Amazonreview

I have never had a baby monitor before. I know three kids and no monitor! What was I thinking? Well I can tell you now, get one even if you think you will not use it, because you will. I have the Snug Baby Monitor for Smartphones. When I first got it, it was a pain to get started. Ok it was not that bad but you have to hook it up to the modem, so I got my hubby to do it.

Once that is done it is as easy as plugging it in and turning the app on. It does take a few minutes to come on all the way. You will know it is working if the green light on the bottom is flashing. I have found that I hate that green little light at night. There is no way to turn it off.

Once it comes on it rotates around to make sure its working. Then you can just swipe your phone left, right, up or down to make the camera move. There are also two great modes you can use, day or night time. This way you can see when your little one is sleeping. It also has autio where not only can you hear your little ones but they can hear you (if you want them too).

Over all that is why I like it. I have been also to clean the house and keep an eye on my kids while they are in their play room. We have use it while they they are sleeping too. However here are the few thing I don't like about it.

THERE IS A CORD!!! I hate having cords on things because if my 9 month old is on the floor with the Snug Baby Monitor he pulls on it. So put it on a shelf you say.... yeah he pulls the cord too. I would love to have it be a chargeable one. But not a deal breaker for me I still like it.

I have also had problems with it taking pictures and videos. While you can do that, the videos never work for me later. Again not really a deal breaker for me.

I can now tell you after having and using a video baby monitor, if you don't have one get one. Oh here is another way I have used mine. On days where I get up early I take my two youngest sons out shopping, while my 5 year old and husband sleeps. I have the Snug monitor running in the living room so I can see when my son gets up. Then I can tell him to be good, let dad sleep, put on some cartoons and I will be home soon. (Never leave your kids at home alone) 

How would you use your Snug Baby Monitor?


Sara Schwab said…
This monitor look very awesome
Mariah Chezem said…
Love that it's connected to your smart phone! We share a room with our soon but will be moving soon. Will have to get a monitor since his room will be down the hall from us. This looks like a great option!
Hannah Knapp said…
This is such a genious idea! I like that your phone swipes can change the direction of the camera. Talk about giving you piece of mind.
Inza J said…
That monitor looks great. I'm going to have to look into getting one. Thanks!
D Johnson said…
This looks like a very neat monitor. It would be great to have.

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