Adding Basil oil to my essential oil list #simplyearth

Basil! I did not even know they made an essential oil for basil. What would I use it for? Well used my favorite "The Essential Life" book to look up it is can be used for. Here are just a few way you can use it/mix it with other oils:
  • earache
  • migraine
  • nausea and cramping
  • emotional balance
The Basil I got is from Simply Earth and while I have not smelt a basil oil before now. I can tell you it is not like the fresh bails leaves. It has it own different smell. I would say it smells a little mintie and woodie. 

Basil is a new oil for me that I have not used before. They say it blends with with other oils like lemon, rosemary, clove and clary sage. Simply Earth uses a steam distillation process to get their oil. It comes right from the basil leaves. I am really excited to add this to my oil list. The prices of the oils is great to. Like this 15 ml is only 4.99 + shipping. Not to bad at all.


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