Del Sol color changing sunglasses #giveaway #delsolcolor

As some of you might remember I did a review about some really cool color changing nail polish from Del Sol. Well now I get to talk about there really cool color changing sunglasses! Yep Del Sol sells a ton of color changing things, even shirts, jewelry, hats and so much more. Now then back to the Sunglasses. I picked out the Solize Sunglasses - All Summer Long - White to Purple. In this picture you can see they are a little purple already.... no they are white but I had just put them on and got in the car.

While they don't take a whole lot in the car it is because my car has UV tinted windows so you are not getting the sunlight that you need. But once you really go out in the sun!

 They sure do turn purple! I freak out every time, it so cool!

Here is the best part of it all it comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee if they are damaged or even lost. Lest face it I loss mine a lot so I am really happy about this. But it came in this great case that I keep in my diaper bag now and whenever I take them off I try really hard to put it in there. If you do loss them they will replace them but you will have to pay shipping.. big deal! They are 100% UVA/UVB blocking and protection.

You just have to watch my video and see them change its crazy. I love love love them and the company is great too.

Make sure you head over to DEL SOL and see what deals they have going on now till Dec 12th


C said…
I remember when they had shirts that did this back in the 90's!
I love Del Sol items! They have the neatest shirts!
JunkAngel said…
I think we could all use some "magic" these are great!
Di said…
I'd love these for my niece! She's a beach bum!

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