Finding time

Let me start by saying I am happy to be a mom and a wife. I love my life and I really am happy. With that being said I am sure you have all heard and left this before.....

When I had Aiden I was tired all the time. I was a new mom learning how to deal with lack of sleep. Has anyone (and I am sure they have) told you to sleep when your kids are sleeping? Well that was easy to do with just one kid, BUT I learned that when I did that I did not have any me. Or time to clean the house. OK now there are the few of you out there who are super moms and I don't know how you do it all in one day but great job. I am not one of them moms. 

While I was able to get house work done I did also sleep when my son slept. But that changed once I got pregnant again. I found that I was really tired at times. Aiden was a little over 1 years old. So he did still take naps with me. But the house work started to pill up more. I had this problem that if I napped nothing got done that day. I did not really expect my husband to do much house work. After all he was at work all day making money so I did not have to go to work. 

But then Logan came. Oh boy that first year was hard. Aiden did NOT like that there was another baby in the house. He wanted to be with me at all times. We ended up making it work. We all napped together and Aiden would play with Logan so I could get things cleaned in the house.

About a year later I had baby number 3, Noah. I was really sick with him. One a nice note we where living with my parents until we could find our own place (we had just moved back to AZ). So my mom helped me a lot watching Aiden and Logan so I could be sick and get my sleep in. Because it was there house I did not have to do a ton of cleaning and we where all working together anyhow. 

Life got crazy and yet some how I still want a girl. Point I am trying to make, every one says you need mommy time. Everyone says nap when they nap, everyone says clean when they are in school or sleeping. Blog when kids are sleeping. When do you really find time?
I have found that I can no longer sleep when they are sleeping. I have a 5 year old who does not sleep, a 3 year old who takes naps at a different time then my 10 month old. So I put them in the play room and I get time. Right now they are all playing in the next room and I am blogging. Next I need to clean. I never thought it would be this hard to be a mom at times. But it is very much worth it. It is worth every messy kitchen, every over flowing trash can, every sleepless night.

But find time. For you. You need it. 


Brenda said…
I have 3 kids also, but they're older now - 19, 17, 9. With the first two it was hard to find time to get things done. With the last one, I could just have his brother or sister help watch him. You're kids are very cute, and they are definitely worth all of this. You're doing a great job!

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