Kids Solar System bundle

I remember as a kid I loved having glow in the dark stars and planets. So I was really excited to get this really cute looking Kids Solar System bundle. It comes with stars and planets and three star shaped suckers and a telescope.

The suckers where great. Well that is what my kids say, I did not really try it. They where bring and colorful. However if you have kids that freak out if a treat breaks be very careful with them. I dropped on trying to open it and it shattered everywhere. My son did not mind, in fact we just told him get got to get more now that there are more pieces.

The stars and planets are really cute, but don't work so well. Now I remember as a kid we should have the windows open all day and had flashlights on each one trying to get them to glow. And boy did they sure glow. But not this one. The first day it worked ok but now after just four days, they don't glow much. Also we had to use tacky glue on them. They came with sticker but they just kept falling off the walls.

The worst part was the telescope. You could not see anything out of it. Other then fuz. It makes a cute toy and my kids still play with it. But you really can't see anything out of it. Over all I would not have bought this pack. It is okay but for $20 I would expect it to work better.


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