Luxury Hot / Cold Eye Mask By Karmick

I get headaches all the time. In fact I think it might even be migrants. I have been told it is because of my eyes, they take in to much light at times.... Well and I have kids. I love them don't get me wrong but I am sure they add to my headache. So what do you do? How about a nice old compress over your eyes.... yeah that helped. Then add some nice lavander smell to help calm you down too.

Luxury Hot / Cold Eye Mask By Karmick has really helped me with my headaches. Now I need to say right now that I am not a doctor and while this does help me I am not saying it will help you. But there is some true with lavender helping to calm you. After all they put that in the baby bed time body wash and lotions. 

When I am having a hard day I just place it over my eyes and if I can sit on my couch for a few minutes and take in the lavender. I was also suprised that this was not filled with rice. Most of the time when you get a cold/warm compress like this it is rice. But Karmick uses organic flax seed.

The last few nights my son has asked if he can sleep with it. He like the way it smells. This Hot / Cold Eye Mask is great for men, women, and kids. So why not it if helps him sleep. We love ours it makes a great gift too. I am just glad to find something that helps with my headaches.


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