Mirror Mirror on the.... #Mirrorvana

Mirror Mirror on the counter how I love and hate you most of all. No really I get it 5 stars it really is a great mirror. I love that it has a normal side and a 10x magnifying side. It is 7 incs so it is a great size without taking up to much room.

It is a nice sliver, very shinny sliver color. I am not a gold fan so I loved it.

It is great for putting on makeup. Like the best thing I have ever used. I use the normal size for the foundation and eye shadow but then I flip it over when I need to do my eye liner. I don't think I have ever gotten my eye liner on right before now. I am keeping this mirror and no one can take it away from me!

I bet you are asking why do I hate it so then. Well you try looking at yourself under 10x magnification! You will see every flaw on your face! I did not know that I had such big pours! And the blackhead I have never seen before.... They are there! So it is not really the mirror it is my little imperfections.
Check this picture out. This the the mirror normal. And then in the same spot you can see how much that 10x makes a difference.

Did I tell you it is also shattered proof. Well now don't go tossing it off a building or anything but, they say if you drop it from eye lever it will not break. Oh i forgot to tell you where to get yours. Mirrorvana and you can get it on Amazon so it is 2 day free shipping if you have amazon prime. 

This is great for any girl or anyone who likes to look at themselves! 


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