Smart Weigh Electronic Bathroom Scale

SOoooooo I have lost 10 lbs..... until we went to Disneyland. Then we had like we where on vacation and then we got sick.... blah blah blah. Point is I have not been to the gym in 2 months and I gain all that weight back. But I did find a scale that I like. I have had other scales where they tell you your BMI and water and what not. Most of the time you can step on off and back on again and see different numbers every time. So I needed a good simple scale.

 Here is a picture of my son standing on Smart Weigh Electronic Bathroom Scale. As you can see the numbers are big and easy to read.

I also love the sliver color of this scale, they sell it in gold too. But it give the bathroom a nice look.
Like I said we had him get on and food of it a few times to see if the number would change, and it did not. This a a good simple scale.

While I would not recommend this as a Christmas gift.... last thing you want is someone thinking they need to lose weight! It does make a great scale for you.


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