Spiral Art Design Center from Lakeshore learning #2015holidaygiftguide

My son just turned 5 last week and he is my art kid. He love to color, draw, paint, play with play dough and so much more! So when I gave him a Spiral Art Design Center he was on cloud 9!
Yes the good old spiral graft sets that we used to use as kids. Well they never get OLD!!! Aiden was so excited to see.

What I love about this set is that each piece has a home. It also make it very portable so he can use it in the car on long drives or when we are out and about.

Not only did it come with smaller pieces but two big round ones. It should have been able to clip in on the top part but ours does not fit. So we just have to make sure we hold it. Aiden does not mind. He has had so much fun making different pictures.

This Spiral Art Design Center from Lakeshore learning was one of his favorite gifts this year. If you have a little one that is the artist in the family you should really look into getting them one. Oh and here is a 20% off coupon till Dec 31. Get your for Christmas.


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