UpSpring’s MilkScreen giveaway, enjoy a nice glass of wine

It is that time of the year where the wine and champagne comes out. And while I am not a drinker I am sure there are lots of breastfeeding moms out there that are ether pumping and dumping or just giving up the alcohol right now. Now you don't need to worry. UpSpring’s MilkScreen is a 2 minute home test to detect alcohol in breast milk. MilkScreen lets nursing moms enjoy a glass of spiked eggnog, mulled wine or any holiday cocktail without fear of harming the new baby.

One of you will be able to win this. it is a $20 value. This is an easy test to use.

To use Milkscreen, simply express a few drops of breast milk on to the test strip. If the color pad changes color after exactly two minutes, alcohol is present.
To ensure optimal results please read Milkscreen Alcohol test results exactly 2 minutes after saturating test pad with breast milk. Reading the test results before, or after, 2 minutes may cause an incorrect result.


C said…
This is really cool. What an age we live in!

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