Memory Yoga Game

Do you want a fun way to get your kids working their brain and mind? Check out this fun memory game by ThinkFun. This game is great for kids ages 3 and up. 
The game is played like classic memory games. The cards are placed face down, each player takes turns trying to find a matching pair. If you child is a beginner (ages 3 & up) they just have to match the card and can try to do the yoga pose. If they are advanced (ages 5 & up) they have to hold the yoga pose for 10 seconds to be able to keep the matching pair. The player with the most cards at the end wins.

The cards come in a nice and sturdy storage box and it includes 18 different yoga poses. 

The instructions list of name of each pose under the picture.

The cards are very thick, which means they are easy to pick up for small hands and don't bend or break.

Here is what Think Fun has to say about their game.

"A Yoga Game with a Fun, Physical Twist on Memory
Stretch your mind and your body. Memory Yoga helps preschoolers improve balance, flexibility and coordination while boosting matching and memory skills. Learn and perform yoga poses as you search for Matching Pose Tiles. The player with the most matches wins! With two levels of play, this fun yoga game will be a family favorite for years to come."
Overall I am very happy with this game, the quality is great, the instructions are easy to follow and it is fun for everyone in the family to play along.

Special thanks to Think Fun for my sample of the Memory Yoga game to review.


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