Stainless Steel Water Bottle

I always talk about how important it is to drink water. One of the ways it is easy to get your water in is to keep a great water bottle handy. For me  glass bottle or stainless steel bottle give the best clean flavor. Glass and a toddler is not always a great mix, they can get broken and can be heavy. Stainless steel is a great way to have  clean flavor without the worry of breaking. 
This vacuum insulated steel bottle helps keep my drinks super cold. It can even be used for hot drinks. It is 20 ounces which is the perfect amount for me.

It comes with two different cap styles which I love. One is a flip top straw and the other is a screw on top. This gives you choices for if you just want water or if you are using a thicker drink like a smoothie. 

It cleans very easy with hot soapy water. 

You can get your own on Amazon.

Here is what the makers have to say about their bottle. 

  • PREMIUM QUALITY INSULATED STAINLESS STEEL 304 (18/8) WATER BOTTLE - our stainless steel water bottle is manufactured for product durability so that it can withstand the toughest conditions. It can maintain hot liquid beverages for up to 12 hours, and keep drinks chilled for up to 24 hours with no sweating or condensation. Therefore, you can carry it in your handbag, sports bag or school bag without affecting other contents in the bag.
  • INTERCHANGEABLE LIDS - choose the ideal lid for each occasion. The Sports Lid effortlessly delivers a high flow rate that makes it easy to drink from your bottle without removing the Lid. Use the option of the Mouth Straw Lid if you like to drink without having to tilt the bottle. The Handle Lid can be used for occasions when you would like to drink or sip from the wide mouthed bottle. It comes with a carabiner and can be used to secure to bags for outdoor use such as golf bags or back packs.
  • TOUGH STAINLESS STEEL AND DISHWATER PROOF - ideal for tough conditions, this double insulated water bottle is manufactured from tough stainless steel and is perfect for outdoor use such as hiking or cycling, drops and collisions without breaking. Deep groove technology is employed during manufacture to ensure our water bottle is leak proof and sweat proof. Both the bottle and lids are dishwasher safe resulting in easy maintenance.
  • BPA FREE STAINLESS STEEL WATER BOTTLE - our vacuum bottle does not leach chemicals or alter the taste of your beverage unlike some plastic water bottles. Our stainless steel water bottle is manufactured using deep groove technology and premium stainless steel resulting in a product which is BPA free, sweat proof and leak proof. They are also fee of phthalates, lead or other toxins which makes it one of the safest water bottles you can buy.


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