Stop getting your hair pulled out with Breastfeeding necklace and giveaway

I don't know about you but my little one loves to pull on things when he is breastfeeding. Most of the time this means my hair. I have tired holding his hand and while this is sweet and nice, most time he will not hold onto my hand for long. So how do you get your baby to stop pulling your hair? Well one mama came up with a cute idea. How about a fun necklace that baby can hold onto instead?!

This Etsy mama makes Breastfeeding necklace Mama Nursing Necklace Elephant Kokadi wrap necklace For mom Eco friendly BabyWearing Violet Blue. At first I had to show it to Noah becuase he wanted to play with it more then he wanted to eat. But after he got to touch it and try to eat it (he is my baby who puts everything in his mouth) he liked to hold it.

I can say whenever Noah getting wiggle when I am trying to feed him, I look right for this necklace and put in on. Within seconds he finds it and pulls on that and not my poor hair.  

As for the necklace itself, it is made of  cotton yarn, wooden bead and line cord. The elephant is really cute and a nice blue. It looks as thought it is sown together nice and tight. I do not think it will come done. The beads are also kept in place with a tight tie. The only thing that I don't care for is that you have to tire the string together to wear it.

I only say that because it has gotten tangled up a few times. But over all it is really is cute and a wonderful necklace. How would you like to win one? You can get it in blue or pink.


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