A nightmare weekend

Where do I even being?! We moved out of Az and to CO about a week ago. We have moved/lived his once before when my oldest was 1. At that time we had never head of something called altitude sickness. We went camping the first day or two once we got to CO. We went on something called pikes peak and its a big one. Aiden was breastfeeding at the time, so I knew something was wrong when he would feed and then it would all come right back out. Needless to say we got him off the mountain and called a urgent care and they told us all about altitude sickness. Aiden was find within a few hours of being off the big mountain.

Any how we knew that this might happen again when we moved again. Not like we where going to go up that mountain again but it is still a higher altitude then what they where used to. So Noah was acting a little sick we thought it was just that. Then a few days later he would wake up crying.... well that was when we saw the molars. We just kinda brushed it off and gave him some meds to help with the pain. Then the scare started. Thursday he slept all day and would not play peekaboo. If you knew my son you would know his all time favorite game is peekaboo. He would also sleep all day long. He woke up only to cry and then back to sleep again. Once again I thought it was from him teething. He did have a little cough but my kids drool to the back of their mouth. I decided that if he was like this one more day then I would take him to a dr/urgent care. So here I am Friday morning, my mother in law is here and Noah still acting sick. So we fine out where we can take him and off we go. My 3 kids, my mother in law and me, off to the urgent care. Once we got there they took his pulse ox and it was at 70. In case you don't know, you should be at 90-100. And his heart rate was at 200! Again that should be at 100.

So they walked out of the room, came back and told me they called an ambulance! He need to go to the hospital right now! Lets just say I held it together until the paramedics, then the tears came. Worst off all I could not ride with him. I had to take my mother in law and my boys back to the house.

Still I was kinda keeping it together at times. Then I showed up and the hospital, into the ER and they asked how they could help me. Then the tears came crashing down. Having to say my son got taken by an ambulance and hes 1, was one of the hardest things I ever had to say. Then came the scary answers..... we don't have him in our system. As of right now no one knew where my son was! Thank goodness they man could clearly tell I am freaking out and found my son within seconds and all but ran us to him.

OK to make a long story short, he got pocked 3 times and to get blood and an IV line in. The IV was no good as we found out once we got into our room and tired to give him fluids. (he has not been eating the last 2 days) His had and arm turned so big and red. They also had to give him some oxygen to help him breath.

After a ton of xrays and test they said it looks like slight pneumonia on the left side, and part of his lung is collapsed. As wells are teething, and altitude sickness!

The first night his O2 was in teh mid 80s. The next day (Saturday) they sucked his nose out 3 times and holy cow they crap that came out!!!! After that he was doing much better! So much better that Saturday afternoon he smiled for the first time in 2 days! So that night they took him off the o2 and his stats where in the mid to low 90s! As long as his numbers did not drop over night we could take him home the next day. So Sunday morning, he did great. he was laughing and playing peekaboo again. His o2 was mid 90s and his lungs where good and almost clear! So we got to go home. Now he is happy and feeling good.


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