I See Me- My Dinosaur Egg Hunt

With Easter around the corner eggs are on your kids minds. So keep that fun egg energy going with a Dinosaur Egg hunt. The great people over at I SEE ME, have a fun new book that puts your child in the story. Not only does your child's name show up in the book and story line, their picture is in the book too! What better way to get your child excited about reading then to have them see themselves and read their name in the story. They can feel like this book really is about them, get that imagination going and help your child get excited about reading with a truly personal one of a kind book.

Chris was so excited to see himself on the cover!

Even in the book your child will see their name and picture.

The pages are full of color and the pages are the great glossy quality you find in all the "I see me" books

You can even put who the book is from, so if grandparents are giving the book they can add their own message.

Your child's name is even on the side of the book.

You can get your own copy of the Dinosaur Egg hunt HERE.

Don't forget that I See Me has a huge selection of books that can be personalized for your child. They also have other great items like puzzles, growth charts and even music. 

After your child is done looking for Easter eggs help them hunt some Dino eggs with this fun book.

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