Wrapy Babywrap

When you have a baby life does not stop. Dinner needs to get made, housework is waiting, but when baby is fussy you have to stop and make them happy. Babywearing is a way you can keep doing the things in life that have to done but keep baby close and happy. Babywearing allows you to bond with baby and have your hands free. I know babywearing has saved the day may times over Chris' life. He just turned three and still has days he goes up.

If you are new to babywearing it is hard to know where to start. I like to suggest to new moms to try out a stretchy wrap, like Wrapy babywrap. A stretchy baby wrap is comfortable for baby and mommy and because you wrap and tie the wrap on they work for any body type and they grow with your baby. This gives you the most bang for your buck.

Check out the video bellow for more info on Wrapy Babywrap.

For more info on how to tie a stretchy baby wrap check out my how to video on this past blog post. 

The Wrapy Babycarier is a dark blue wrap made of 95% Cotton and 5% spandex. I find that because of that 5% spandex the wrap is softer, cooler, and thinner but stronger then other style stretchy wraps. 

It comes in a great storage bag with a drawstring top.

Good from Birth to 35lbs (trust me I test this weight limit)

I don't have a tiny baby at home right now so this baby doll had to take the place of a newborn. The wrap gives your baby that snug feeling they love, its just like when you swaddle a baby but keeping them close to your heart. The wrap can even be pulled up to give your newborn more head support.

When you wear the wrap it crosses in the back, the fabric can be gathered up or worn wider to find the fit that feels best for you. Depending on your body type and size the wrap can be tied in front or back.

Yes that is my 30lbs 3 year old in the wrap! As you can see is his supported and comfy. He was more worried about still getting to watch his favorite cartoon.

Chris was loving being close to my face and tried to feed me a toy key. He leaned back as far as he could but was still secure in the wrap. 

Follow Wrapy on Facebook and share pictures of your happy baby in your wrap.

Get your own Wrapy from HERE.

Special Thanks to Wrapy for my sample wrap, I will be using this wrap to teach new moms in the local babywearing group how to wear their baby. 


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